5 moves the Cardinals made that worked out for the best, with John Mozeliak in charge

Some Cardinals fans want Mozeliak gone, but they're forgetting about the great moves Mozeliak has made. Here, we'll go over a few of those moves!
Mozeliak addresses the media
Mozeliak addresses the media / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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There's no easy way to say it. Cardinals fans are fed up with the front office. They're sick and tired of what has been a truly terrible season. To make matters worse, many of them claim they saw this failure coming. Over the course of this season, fans have taken to Twitter and other social media sites, disparaging John Mozeliak and other front-office executives.

Fans frequently point to players excelling in other organizations, such as Patrick Wisdom, Lane Thomas, and Adolis Garcia. These players, they argue, were practically given away for free. Now, they're contributing at an All-Star level for other teams. But this isn't the real problem. Even angry fans can generally understand that Lane Thomas didn't have a clear opening here. They can see that Patrick Wisdom would not have been a better investment than Nolan Arenado, and, when they look over Adolis Garcia's awful numbers with St. Louis, it becomes obvious why they shipped him out.

What can't be as easily explained, however, is the emergence of legitimate superstars in other organizations. This includes Zac Gallen, Sandy Alcantara, and Randy Arozarena. Each of these players would absolutely make the current roster better, and there is little argument that their replacements are doing so right now. As effectively as Liberatore pitched against Tampa Bay, he has struggled this season.

This leads fans to argue that Mozeliak's time is up and that he needs to be removed from his position as the Cardinals' president of baseball operations. In reality, Mozeliak is still one of the better front-office executives in baseball. While the Cardinals have made mistakes recently, they've also made some excellent trades. We'll look over five such moves today!