5 former Cardinals players who have been outstanding this season

The Cardinals have a long history of letting talented players leave the franchise. Here are five former players who are excelling in 2024.
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The St. Louis Cardinals have a long-documented history of making regrettable moves and letting promising talent go to other organizations far too often. While some of that criticism is unwarranted, many former Cardinals are seeing great success elsewhere this season, leading many to question the organization's ability to develop talent and wonder what could've been. Here are five former Cardinals players who have been outstanding elsewhere this season.

Tyler O'Neill has been outstanding this season

When John Mozeliak traded Tyler O'Neill to the Boston Red Sox, he joked that O'Neill would probably end up getting MVP consideration now that he'd moved yet another promising outfielder to an American League team. Sure, O'Neill has had two injured list stints during his first three months with the Red Sox, but he's also performed as an MVP-caliber type of player when healthy. Check out this Dealin' the Cards video for the full story on O'Neill's time in St. Louis and beyond.

O'Neill may no longer be a Gold Glove-caliber left fielder, but with a slash line of .254/.352/.534 with a 144 OPS+, he's sure to get some down-ballot MVP consideration if the season ended today. His tantalizing power tool is again on full display as he's slugged 15 homers in just 52 games. He's barreling the ball as much as ever, and his numbers are second only to his 2021 season in which he finished 8th in NL MVP voting.

If O'Neill can stay healthy for the rest of the season, he'll be a critical piece in Boston's hopes of chasing a playoff spot. And, should the Red Sox sneak in, O'Neill could be the third former Cardinals outfielder to win ALCS MVP since 2020. The script may just write itself.