5 Cardinals who could still be traded in the offseason

Now that the trade deadline has come and gone, who are some players that could still be dealt this coming offseason?
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OF Tyler O'Neill

If he's healthy. If he's happy. If he's starting consistently. If he's in left field. If he's had a balanced breakfast. If...if...IF. Look there is not and will never be any doubt about Tyler O'Neill's actual ability to play baseball at an above level. There should also be no question about his ability to play left field at an elite level. Heck, he's won two gold gloves there. In 2021, "Muscles", finished 8th in the NL MVP voting with 34 home runs and 80 R.B.I.'s, and a .912 OPS. That's legit. That's "putting it all together." That's the kind of production that was missing from the Cardinal's lineup to be truly deep in 2022...and also 2023.

That in itself lies the problem. Tyler O'Neill has been on the roster since making his debut in 2018 and has had one season where he has played more than 100 games, 2021. He's a supreme talent and it would hurt to see him go elsewhere and find success, but I believe that's just what both parties need at this point. You cannot rely on "If's". It always seems to be that all the stars have to be aligned and the wind needs to be blowing in the right direction just for O'Neill to be clicking. The Cardinals can't wait on that for 2024. Maybe they can for the rest of 2023 if not for anything other than to see his trade stock climb, but not if they want to compete in 2024.

There's also the infamous public criticism of his hustle or "lack of effort" by manager Oli Marmol on the fifth game of the season earlier this season.

The Cardinals have given O'Neill every chance to be a building cornerstone in the Cardinal lineup. They have shown patience year after year. They gave him the chance to be the starting center fielder (in a very questionable decision). They chose to keep him at the trade deadline in 2023. The front office obviously believes in him, and good for him. I can see a situation where they believe they can't get anything for him and hold on to him for one more go in 2024. I don't think they should do that. They should if he's healthy, trout him out daily from now until the season's end and just let him play.

With one more season of control after this season, see if he can raise his trade stock, package him for a pitcher, or anything worthwhile they can get for him, and wish him the best. No love loss, no ill wishes, it just didn't work out. After all, the most valuable skill a player can bring to a team is staying on the field and he aint doing that.