5 bold trade ideas to save the St. Louis Cardinals' season

St. Louis Cardinals v Seattle Mariners
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Trade #2 -Swapping Tyler O'Neill for Tyler Glasnow

Cardinals acquire RHP Tyler Glasnow from the Rays for OF Tyler O'Neill

One of our writers, J.T. Buchheit, suggested the swap of Tyler O'Neill for Tyler Glasnow right before the whole O'Neill and Marmol feud, and ever since then, I've felt like that deal makes too much sense for both sides.

I know people are concerned about Glasnow's injury history, but isn't that what makes O'Neill the perfect swap candidate here? Both players, when healthy, can be two of the top players at their respective positions. Both have game-changing talent but continue to fall on the injured list.

While the Rays have been amazing to start the season and their offense has been on fire, I'm sure they would love to add a talented bat like O'Neill to their lineup. Glasnow would be a nice reinforcement to their rotation upon his return from injury, but with how insanely deep their staff is, they can afford to take a gamble.

Since 2019 (which includes the shortened pandemic season), Glasnow is 16-4 with a 2.75 ERA and 300 SO in 212.2 innings pitched. He would a true ace to the top of the Cardinals' rotation, while likely only needing to give up an outfielder like O'Neill who they have plenty of options to replace.

Both O'Neill and Glasnow are under contract for one more year following this season and would be excellent swap candidates if the clubs end up talking.