4 ways John Mozeliak can finish the Cardinals' offseason strong

The signings of Kyle Gibson and Lance Lynn befuddled fans. John Mozeliak still has plenty of time to make the 2024 offseason a success.
St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
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4. Be transparent

The Cardinal Way does not preach transparency. For years, Mozeliak and the front office have been tight-lipped about trades, team updates, and issues in the clubhouse. While the clubhouse issues boiled to the top this past year, for the most part, the team has kept any discord under wraps.

John Mozeliak has been fairly transparent this year about his plans to improve the team. From the Trade Deadline goals of improving the farm system and finding pitching to the offseason goal of adding more pitching, Mozeliak has shared his plan for the Cardinals these past few months with the public.

These public declarations are unlike anything we've seen from the front office since Mozeliak came to power in 2007, but fans should welcome them. While these pronouncements may hurt the Cardinals' bargaining power on the open market for both trades and free agents, they allow the fanbase to be at ease.

During the press conference in which Mozeliak announced the signings of Kyle Gibson and Lance Lynn, he went on to say that the offseason is still young and that he isn't done building the team. These reassurances allow fans to relax when they disagree with the team's moves. John Mozeliak should continue to be transparent without weakening his bargaining power this offseason.