4 starting pitchers the St. Louis Cardinals could buy low on to save their rotation

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These four starters may not seem like big moves but could be huge upgrades for the Cardinals

Even for people like me who said not to overreact to the St. Louis Cardinals' terrible start back in mid-April, it's time to begin thinking about drastic changes to the roster.

It would be one thing if the Cardinals were hovering around .500 right now or even had a bit of a losing record. But falling behind double digits in the division race and looking like a team that would struggle to beat the Oakland Athletics is a whole other deal.

While the offense has been frustrating this season, unable to score runs when needed and seemingly doing most of their production in blow out wins or losses, it's clear that their starting pitching is the big hole for their team. Jordan Mongomery is the only starter on this team with an ERA below 5.40. I can't believe that's even a real stat.

I know there have been games the Cardinals have pitched well and the offense hasn't come through, but I think there could be some truth to the fact that if the Cardinals' pitching was more stable in general, the offense may not play so "tight".

One place the Cardinals have really struggled this year is pitching with two strikes, where they rank among the worst in baseball in every stat that matters.

Sounds like that whole "pitch to contact" philosophy wasn't a great idea, huh?

Here are four starting pitchers that I think the Cardinals could "buy-low" on to improve their rotation, specifically by adding some strikeout stuff to their mix. Some of these players have underlying numbers that show future success, while others are playing well but likely won't garner much in return in a deal.