4 moves the St. Louis Cardinals can make to improve their pitching immediately

St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The Cardinals need to improve their pitching staff immediately, and here are four ways they can do so

We all know the St. Louis Cardinals need to bring in help from outside the organization to improve their pitching staff between now and the trade deadline. But if we are being honest, they need improvements far sooner than trades will become a possibility.

As of May 29th, the Cardinals rank 18th in all of baseball with a 4.37 ERA as a team. While the offense has sputtered as of late, the team has had to rely on its slugging to win games all year, and while they have the offense to do that, it's very difficult to ask them to put up five, six, or even more runs every single game.

I would love it if the Cardinals were able to go ahead and make a trade pitching help today, but the likelihood of any deal going down until at least the All-Star break is very low. Trades of any significance just rarely happen around the league until then, and with how much pitching is needed around the league, teams will want to start bidding wars on their talent.

We could spend all day ranting about mistakes that the front office has made when it comes to building their pitching staff (and we've done that before), but I do think there are some immediate changes the Cardinals can make to improve their pitching staff for the time being.

Here are four changes I could make to the Cardinals' pitching right now to hold them over until July.