4 Cardinals-Yankees trades that just make too much sense at the trade deadline

The St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees are very familiar as trade partners and should look to pull off one of these deals before the deadline
New York Yankees v St. Louis Cardinals
New York Yankees v St. Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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The St. Louis Cardinals are ready to wheel and deal at this trade deadline, with many contenders already aligning with them for potential trade opportunities. One that just makes too much sense though is the New York Yankees.

We covered how the New York Yankees' reported needs align with the pieces the Cardinals are selling and how one of the Cardinals' early targets is actually a Yankees prospect.

The Cardinals are going to be looking to capitalize on the value of their outgoing pieces, but they'll specifically be looking for a lot of pitching upgrades through those moves. The Yankees offer a variety of pitching prospects to choose from. The Yankees are going to want guys who can fill their holes and help propel them to a playoff run, and the Cardinals can help with that.

The fact that they are familiar with each other in trade negotiations is a huge piece of this as well. The clubs already know how one another operates, they've scouted each other extensively in the past, so finding a deal that works for both sides may come easier to the two clubs.

Here are four trades that I think make a ton of sense for both the Cardinals and the Yankees at this year's trade deadline.