3 St. Louis Cardinals trade rumors to shoot down

St. Louis Cardinals v Cleveland Guardians
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Everyday, everywhere, everyman Edman isn't going anywhere

Need a second baseman with a solid bat and a Gold Glove? The Cardinals have one. How about a shortstop who can pick it and also steal some bases? St. Louis has one of those, too. What about an outfielder - you can choose from a center fielder or a right fielder - who will give it everything he's got day in and day out? Yes, there's a Redbird who fits that description, too.

And guess what, they're all the same guy! Tommy Edman may not be a superstar. He may *only* be a solid all-around player a team can plug in at the top or bottom of the lineup, in at least half the defensive positions on the field, and rest comfortably knowing his combination of a solid bat, strong glovework, and aggressiveness on the basepaths will benefit his team in multiple ways.

Who wouldn't want a player like that? Are you kidding? Every team would be thrilled to have an Edman on its roster - including the St. Louis Cardinals. Sure, Paul DeJong plays a terrific shortstop, but his bat can turn ice-cold and stay that way for weeks, months, and years. Yes, Nolan Gorman is a thumper at the dish, but his glove...well, he's a bulky third baseman faking it at second because the Cards' other Nolan, Mr. Arenado, is simply one of the best third basemen ever.

So Edman provides both assurance and insurance. He's a known quantity, a good-not-great player in just his first season of arbitration eligibility making an affordable $4.3M. He's a guy you can rely upon when other players falter or come up lame. DeJong is sent to the minors? Put Edman at shortstop. Gorman is going to DH today? Put Edman at second base. Your entire Opening Day outfield is on the injured list? Put Edman anywhere on the grass he's needed.

The Cardinals are trying to figure out where all of their players fit in the lineup and on the field. And Edman's versatility helps them as they work out those plans. His acumen all over is valued more than ever throughout the game. He's the kind of player teams work hard to develop and hang onto, not the kind a team trades away.