3 reasons why moving Willson Contreras to DH hurts the Cardinals in the future

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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1. The lineup clutter

The lineup becomes slightly more complicated with Contreras filling the DH spot. Nolan Gorman who has been the bonified DH so far has been a top 3 hitter in our lineup with him slashing a .255 AVG with 7 HR and an OPS of .806 he has been one of the bright young splashes in the Cardinals lineup. Donovan has also been swinging the bat well hitting .267 with 3 HR to his name and has shown he needs everyday ABs.

This leaves three odd people out of the lineup with Contreras being the main DH as said going forward, Burelson, Dejong, and O'Neil (when he is healthy). The best hitter out of these three so far surprisingly has been Paul Dejong batting a solid .324 AVG with an OPS of .943 second only behind the former MVP Paul Goldschmidt. But this leaves a question what happens with these players in the lineup, do they get traded? Do they have major platoon options? It will be interesting to see how Marmol manages this lineup with Contreras DHing being a major roadblock in the lineup.