3 possible plans the Cardinals can have for Tommy Edman in 2024

The ever-versatile Tommy Edman can play multiple positions. He provides the Cardinals' brass with a variety of options for 2024. What is the preferred role for him?
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Trade Him for Pitching

As was previously stated, the Cardinals have a lot of depth on their roster. Edman may be most valuable as a trade piece to the Cardinals this offseason. He could be squeezed out of a starting spot if other players show off this spring or if the Front Office signs a center fielder. Opposing teams would love his versatility when paired with his league-average bat. While he won't carry an offense, he surely won't hurt one. Teams can slot Edman in as a starter at a variety of positions.

Edman's offensive profile may not be the most appealing to teams; for his career, he has a .265/.320/.411 slash line for an OPS+ of 101. He has walked at a 6.3% rate for his career, a bit below league average; however, he has struck out at 16.5% of his at-bats, 6% below league average. While Edman won't blow pitchers away, he can be a tough at bat. His speed helps him hit doubles and triples often, and he is known to swipe a bag or two a week. He has stolen 24 bases this year and stole 32 last year.


Tommy Edman is arbitration-eligible for the next two years, so he won't be a free agent until 2026. Teams who trade for the 29-year-old Edman will have him in his athletic prime for at least two more years, and they'll have the chance to extend him. Edman could fetch the Cardinals a pitcher this offseason, something they sorely need. While he is very valuable for the Cardinals on their roster, Edman could bring in a player who may be more valuable for the team in 2024 and beyond.