3 possible plans the Cardinals can have for Tommy Edman in 2024

The ever-versatile Tommy Edman can play multiple positions. He provides the Cardinals' brass with a variety of options for 2024. What is the preferred role for him?
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Super-Utility Player

Should the Cardinals sign a center fielder, they can slot Edman in as a super-utility player and someone who can give a handful of players a night off. His ability to play both corner outfield spots, center field, and up the middle on the infield gives the Cardinals a lot of flexibility when it comes to roster construction.

Edman won a Gold Glove at second base in 2021, and he has only ever recorded a negative OAA twice, -2 this year at 2B and -1 in 2020 at 2B. Given his Gold Glove, it's reasonable to assume that Tommy Edman is more than capable at all positions he has played before. This means he can give any one of the outfielders a day off next year, he can fill in at shortstop if Masyn Winn struggles to adjust in 2024, and he can even spell Nolan Gorman or Brendan Donovan a break at second base.

Edman's ability to play 5 positions at an above-average rate gives Oli Marmol a lot of freedom with roster construction. By making him a super-utility player, Marmol can ride the "hot hand" next year. Marmol can also use Edman as a speedy replacement or defensive replacement late in the games next year when he isn't starting.