3 players whom Oli Marmol may be wanting to "weed out" of the Cardinals' clubhouse

St. Louis Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol had much to say about the 2023 season and his vision for 2024. This led to some questionable statements.
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Jack Flaherty seems to have fit the bill

There is only one other player who I think fits this quote and he is no longer with the team: Jack Flarehty.

Flaherty has been vocal his whole career and carries confidence on his shoulders. He has been declining in durability and performance over the last several seasons. In 2023, he really showed his ego when he led the charge to firing Willson Contreras from the catcher's position. He believed Contreras did not understand the pitcher’s repertoire and was lacking in game calling.

The organization sided with this opinion and moved the new player to DH as a scapegoat. To end the season, Contreras led the team in WAR and the pitching staff ended up being bad because of the players assembled by John Mozeliak. Jack Flaherty ended up getting traded for prospects to Baltimore and was so bad that he was moved to a bullpen role. 


This quote is very intriguing and has everyone thinking of who Marmol wants to be weeded out. Who do you think Marmol is referring to? Let us know on our Redbird Rants social media platforms!