3 players whom Oli Marmol may be wanting to "weed out" of the Cardinals' clubhouse

St. Louis Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol had much to say about the 2023 season and his vision for 2024. This led to some questionable statements.
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A recent report speculated that Ryan Helsley could have been in that group

Another option could be Ryan Helsley. His case is not as strong as it is for O'Neill, but it warrants thinking about it. He has missed significant time this season with a forearm injury and has received criticism for pitching last postseason with the pitching finger that cost Game 1 of the 2022 NL Wild Card Series. Helsley is also not afraid to voice his opinion.

He has appeared several times on Foul Territory and has been unfiltered given the podcast's approach. In one interview, he sides with the players who voted to remove Contreras from his catching duties due to his game-calling abilities. As we learned throughout the season, the pitchers were not good because of their performance.

Belleville News-Democrat reporter Jeff Jones put Helsley's name to this the other day, as someone who has received pushback from Marmol in the past. This by no means makes Helsley a clubhouse issue, I'm not sure anyone would agree with that, but it appears Marmol may have friction with him.