3 highs and 3 lows of the Cardinals' offseason

Emotionally speaking, Cardinal fans ran through the gauntlet this offseason. Which moments made us feel good and which made us suffer?
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Low moment #1: Sonny Gray has a setback due to a hamstring injury.

The bliss that Sonny Gray's signing brought fans could only be matched by the misery that was felt when he experienced hamstring discomfort in the middle of spring training. Sonny Gray had a history of hamstring injuries, and while only one shut him down for multiple weeks at a time, the large leg muscle is still nothing to mess around with.

Cardinal fans held their collective breath as news regarding Gray's MRI was being processed. For a 24-hour period, there was the possibility that Sonny Gray could be out for months with a torn hamstring. There was an equal probability that he would simply miss the first few weeks of the season. Either way, his spring ramp-up was in jeopardy, and the presumptive Opening Day starter was no more.

Fans were distraught at their ace's injury. Calls for Jordan Montgomery, Blake Snell, Dylan Cease, Shane Bieber, any one of the Marlins' or Mariners' starters, and even Zack Greinke were shouted into the void. Management was patient, however. Rather than make a brash move to fill a spot in the rotation that may not be vacant for long, John Mozeliak and Oli Marmol instead opted to let Zack Thompson and Matthew Liberatore duke it out for spot starts to begin the season.

Recent reports have indicated that Gray's injury isn't as serious as once thought. While he won't be the Opening Day starter, there is still a chance he is ready to pitch in one game during the team's inaugural road trip out west.

Sorrow was palpable across Cardinal Nation when news of Gray's injury dropped. Luckily, a sigh of relief can also be felt knowing their new ace won't be out for long.