3 former Cardinals that are failing with their new teams

Milwaukee Brewers  v St Louis Cardinals
Milwaukee Brewers v St Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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There has been plenty of ex-Cardinals that are thriving with their new clubs, but not all of them have had that same fortune.

With the Cardinals contending for division titles and championships in the last couple of decades, it has led to the Cardinals having to let go of certain players to help the team fill immediate needs. Also, with the Cardinals' successful development of prospects, it has forced them to either trade or let guys go to give those younger players the opportunity to get playing time in the big leagues.

Some of the players the Cardinals have let go of over the years have blossomed into perennial All-Stars, guys like Randy Arozarena, Sandy Alcantara, and Zac Gallen. What makes these three stand out is not just their great play but the fact that the Cardinals did not get the same level of success in return. But not every single player has turned out that way.

Often times, the players that the Cardinals let go of tend to be the right calls. Sometimes they let prospects go who end up not becoming contributors for other organzations as well. Sometimes they let go of a peaking player and their down years of their careers are spent somewhere else. And sometimes, we may think in the moment the Cardinals are giving up on a player who will be really good, and they just prove us wrong. Call it good discernment or luck, but it happens more often than you'd think.

Here are three examples of Cardinals who have not found success with their new clubs.