3 deals we're glad the Cardinals didn't make (and 3 we wish they had)

Rumors run wild at certain times of the year, such as the trade deadline and the winter meetings. Some of these rumors we wish happened, and some we are glad did not
Montas faces the Tigers in Oakland
Montas faces the Tigers in Oakland / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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We wish they would have traded for the Yankees arms

There's going to be a theme in this section. The Cardinals need pitching desperately. To see them linked to young, controllable starters at the 2023 deadline was exciting. Unfortunately, they were unable to make anything like that happen, leaving us disappointed. At one point, it seemed plausible that the Cardinals may be able to complete a trade with the New York Yankees. In particular, the Cardinals were linked heavily to Clayton Beeter and Clarke Schmidt. Beeter remains in the minors while Schmidt has enjoyed some success at the major league level. However, neither profile as an ace-caliber pitcher.

This article details some of the plausible scenarios more fully, but in essence, the Yankees were linked to Dylan Carlson several times before the deadline. This trade made plenty of sense for both sides but ultimately failed to materialize. The Cardinals will now continue to search for pitching, while the Yankees will continue to search for offensive pieces. Perhaps the rumors will begin again this off-season, and the two could again find themselves in trade talks.