3 Cardinals players who should receive All-Star Game considerations but won't

It's hard to warrant multiple All-Stars when the Cardinals have been as bad as they are, but these three could have represented St. Louis this season
Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals - Game Two
Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals - Game Two / Joe Puetz/GettyImages
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While the Cardinals' season has been an absolute nightmare that seems to have no end, there comes a huge break that could get the team back on track. The All-Star festivities have been full of Cardinals in the past years, as we saw five All-Stars in 2022, with only one of those five returning in this year's All-Star game: Nolan Arenado. There are definitely Cardinals who deserve to be considered for the All-Star game but have been simply ignored due to the Cardinals' lackluster year.

It is still in question if the players who deserve recognition will even be on the roster in the upcoming years, as the Cardinals are in full desperation mode. They are halfway through the season and have a 35-50 record after dropping two straight games to the Marlins, with another lackluster pitching performance from former three-time All-Star Adam Wainwright. The Cardinals are limping into this All-Star break with a restless fanbase that expects changes soon. Will the All-Star break mark the beginning of the moves that the Cardinals are desperately in need of?

The All-Star break is a good indicator of where a team stands, and the Cardinals look bleak. However, we can focus on the positive aspect of players who should be All-Stars but, unfortunately, their performance with the Cardinals is simply overlooked. Here are the three players I think deserve some All-Star consideration, but unfortunately won't receive it.

Here are three Cardinals that had legitimate arguments to be All-Stars this season