2 Cardinals Prospects who should be untouchable at the MLB trade deadline

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1. Masyn Winn

The number 1 prospect of the Cardinals should be untouchable for the future of the Cardinals. A #1 prospect at the SS position comes along once in a blue moon, and that's what the Cardinals are going to make room for. I wrote a previous article explaining earlier in the season that there is and will be a logjam in the infield with Masyn Winn knocking on the door, and that still stands true. The Cardinals are in a position where they have to make moves to make room for the star-studded middle infielder.

A quick update on how Winn is performing in AAA: he is slashing a line of .278/.347/.426 with 16 SB on the year as well. While Winn made his mark by throwing an absolute missile across the diamond in the Futures Game last year, he shows that he can handle the bat well too. The SS has only made 1 error at the position this year, playing 66 games at SS. While it is unclear whether he will be up for this year's looming trades, this is what John Mozeliak had to say about when Winn will be coming up.

""I love what we’re seeing out of him right now, but in terms of playing time it would be very difficult at this point. Maybe in early August, I’ll revisit that.""

John Mozeliak

Winn's impeccable fielding with above-average hitting only comes every so often in the majors. His plus arm has drawn comparisons to Francisco Lindor. While the Cardinals need to make as many moves as possible in order to get the rotation they need, they have to keep Masyn Winn, even though his value is through the roof. Whether this is trading DeJong, Donovan, or Edman, his value will only increase.