2 Cardinals Prospects who should be untouchable at the MLB trade deadline

St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
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The trade deadline is approaching in the blink of an eye, as the St. Louis Cardinals' season slips away. The Cardinals are currently in fourth place in the NL Central, 11 games back of the Milwaukee Brewers. It is well-known that the team will trade players. Think of it as less of a rebuild that will make them competitive for 2024 and beyond. Numerous contracts for the Cardinals are expiring and will lead players to get traded.

The Cardinals have put their backs against the wall this season, with pitching being what the Birds will target at the deadline. Their itching was more of a pothole that was seen miles ahead of this season but failed to be fixed for the Cardinals coming into the 2023 season, and it has clearly shown. The Cardinals are ranked 22nd in the entire league in ERA, 27th in WHIP, and 28th in opponent average. Pitching should and will be a clear focus at the deadline.

Of course, when the Cardinals think of trades, prospects will be involved. There are specific prospects that have been untouchable in the past that the Cardinals passed upon. For example, last year the Cardinals refused to give up Gorman at the trade deadline, and now he could be considered a potential trade candidate today. The Cardinals should have a few prospects in our system that are just as important as Jordan Walker and Nolan Gorman, as these two prospects are going to be the future of the Cardinals moving forward.