1 encouraging, 2 discouraging signs from Dodgers sweep of Cardinals

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Discouraging: Oli Marmol doesn't seem overly concerned

Since the incident when Marmol publicly criticized Tyler O'Neill for a perceived lack of hustle. the manager seems to have backed down and now parrots the company line that the team will improve. We must maintain patience because the team is resilient and this will all serve them well in the long run.

It doesn't help the thought that Marmol is a puppet with Mozeliak pulling the strings.

It also doesn't help matters that their manager has seemingly been silenced after an attempt to encourage a player went terribly. It's good to have a manager try to promote. The shot went wrong this time. Marmol can't be permanently silenced, though. He can't keep toting the company line like a parrot. Mozeliak hired Marmol because he was ready for the job. He had one regrettable communication lapse.

The team needs Marmol speaking out and fighting with and for them. The team looks lost. Marmol needs to take the lead and get them out of the darkness.

After Monday's off day, the Cardinals will take on the Angels and Tigers. Here's hoping things take a turn in the right direction.

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