St. Louis Cardinals: Who are some free agents to target?

The St. Louis Cardinals are struggling, but why haven’t they made a move yet? They have a plethora of names at their disposal to go after.

The St. Louis Cardinals have a lot they can do to help them get back on track, but something has been holding them back. They haven’t gone out and made any moves, and it’s safe to say they need to do something to help shake up their team up and try to get them fired up. After looking at the free agents list there are a few names I have written down that the Cardinals should consider signing.

You look at the history of the Cardinals and what they have been able to accomplish throughout the years, and this team to long-time Cardinals fans is unrecognizable. The fact that t in the NL Central only in front of the Pittsburgh Pirates AA roster is terrible.

Rick Porcello, SP

The Cardinals need to add some pitching depth, and with only having one pitcher that seems to consistently get past five innings is abhorrent. The Cardinals need to change something up, and the biggest thing is just adding pitchers who can go six innings consistently like, Rick Porcello.

Rick Porcello, the former Red Sox pitcher, would be the ideal fit for the void in our rotation. Porcello is a solid five to six-inning pitcher looking at his history, and with him not being rostered, he’d be cheap. Porcello has had a limited amount of good seasons that has caused for a lot of speculation as far as giving him a contract.

However, Porcello couldn’t possibly be worse than what we have seen from the Cardinals pitchers. Porcello offers a form of consistency in his starts, and if you can even find a way to just get a consistent five innings and two to three runs from him, he’s already outperforming most of the pitchers the Cardinals have had this season.

There is a lot of speculation as to why they haven’t pulled the trigger on a free agent such as Porcello, Miller, or Nicasio. If you look at the Cardinals roster though, The Cardinals could be waiting to pull the trigger on signing someone due to Flaherty coming back, Mikolas making his way back, and KK looking to finally be healthy. However, you can’t wait for them to come around, you have to take action. Signing Porcello could be a big part of the puzzle especially looking ahead to the later half of the year.

Jeff Samardzija, SP

The Cardinals need some new pitching, that’s obvious, but adding Samardzija could be a fantastic second-half signing. Samardzija has had a long and respectable career in the MLB, and he still has a lot to offer a team that’s willing to give him a chance.

Last season he didn’t really get many opportunities to showcase what he could still do given his limited opportunities, but if you go back one year, he shows that he can still be a solid four in a rotation. In 2019, he pitched in 32 games while posting a 3.52 ERA, 49 walks, and 140 strikeouts. Samardzija is nothing special, but he has the one quality that we need, he throws strikes.

There are a lot of different things we need from our pitchers, but the Cardinals are currently leading the MLB in walks allowed, and you can not win when you walk as many batters as they do. Adding Samardzija, who throws numerous amounts of strikes, could be a valuable option to help the Cardinals turn their season around.

There are a lot more needs, but if they can find a way to get these three players, they should be able to start making a turn around possible. They can add the much needed depth in the rotation while getting reliable innings from Porcello and Samardzija. If they can also find a way to add some more star pitching, they can find a big turnaround quickly.