St. Louis Cardinals: The whole season rolled into one game

CHICAGO, IL - JULY 22: Paul DeJong
CHICAGO, IL - JULY 22: Paul DeJong /

I love the wrap-up to the season. I love when the St. Louis Cardinals are involved. I do not love when the season hinges on one game.

Today, the St. Louis Cardinals are in a must-win situation just to keep their hopes alive. Even with a win, however, there is still no guarantee that the Cardinal season will survive past today.

Here’s the skinny: the St. Louis Cardinals must win today at Wrigley field. This will move them within 1.5 games of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the second wild card spot. Then their future will hinge on and place all hope on the San Francisco Giants; the Giants must win today for the Cardinals to see their season survive for one more game.

That’s a lot to put on the slumping Giants… If the Giants manage to win, then tomorrow’s game- the final game of the 2018 season- will be another must-win game for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Standing in the way is the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs hate the Cardinals and want desperately to win the NL-Central. This means that the baby bears will not simply lay down for the Cards.

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Likewise, the Milwaukee Brewers- who ultimately embarrassed the Cardinals in the final home stand- stand in the way of the Cardinals playing in October. The Brewers, like the Cubs, are vying for the NL-Central pennant. This means they won’t lay down either.

So… here’s where the focus should be: win and win. Period. There isn’t much more that the Cardinals can do. If they win on Saturday, and if the Giants lose, then so be it. At least the Cards can send the Cubs to the wild card spot rather than the pennant.

And keeping the Cubs from anything is a win to me. The media will hate it and I’m okay with that. Perhaps the Cubs could be called Icarus if the Cardinals can keep them from the pennant.

If the St. Louis Cardinals win today, and if the Giants win today, then watch out for tomorrow’s game. It will be a must-watch and must-win and that is a very good thing for baseball.

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The game is still going currently but the Cardinals are ahead 2-1 in the top of the sixth. That leaves a lot of time but Paul DeJong has given an RBI and Cole Hamels is at 90 pitches already. Fingers crossed for a win.