St. Louis Cardinals: Official Redbird Rants podcast episode 2.17

The St. Louis Cardinals limped through the trade deadline and the staff of Redbird Rants will join together to share their opinions of the moves.

Redbird Rants will host our next episode of our world-famous St. Louis Cardinals podcast on Thursday, August 2. Our podcast will be recorded live at 6:00PM CT and, as always, via Blog Talk Radio.

As a reminder our second season of the Official Redbird Rants St. Louis Cardinals podcast will be switching to a regular recording day of Sunday. This means that fans of our podcast can mark their calendars for Sunday recordings week after week as we continue to grow our brand via our podcast platform.

That said, we are hosting this SPECIAL episode to discuss the moves made and missed by the Cardinals.

If you are new to our podcast train, we aim to record our weekly podcast around the same time each Sunday afternoon so that we can match up with the St. Louis Cardinals’ games. This means that we might record in the evening if the Cardinals are playing on Sunday night ESPN baseball.

Thursday’s episode will feature co-editor Trevor Hooth as host with fellow editor and writers Dr. Michael D. Miles, Russ Robinson, Christian May-Suzuki, and Dan Campbell joining. These voices will share their thoughts on several hot topics surrounding the St. Louis Cardinals.

In response to the moves made and missed during the trade deadline, our podcast will examine each and share our opinions on these. Did the Cardinals make the right choices? Should the team have made other choices? These and other topics will be discussed.

Listen to today’s show here:

Episode 17 will feature the following topics:

Again, join us at 6:00pm CT on on Thursday, August 2.

If you’ve missed any of our previous episodes, you can catch them here:

All things being said and done, rumors remain that the St. Louis Cardinals are not yet finished examining remaining names from the 2018 Trade Deadline. Stay with us for up-to-the-minute news on the Cardinals.

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