St. Louis Cardinals: Official Redbird Rants podcast episode 35


Join the Redbird Rants podcast crew for another LIVE episode where we talk everything and anything St. Louis Cardinals.

Well, the St. Louis Cardinals are finally making waves in the offseason and are actually a little ahead of the curve of competing teams. Want to know our thoughts on the recent Cardinals news and the recent MLB coaching news? The Official Redbird Rants podcast has the news you want to hear.

At Redbird Rants, and clearly within the St. Louis Cardinals organization this season, we like to change things up. In that spirit then, our off-season podcasting schedule is set to change beginning with this episode.

Here it is: we will be doing one podcast episode a week, on Thursdays, starting at 9:30 pm CT. In addition, to further remind you, we are extending this show to one hour, with as many contributors we can fit in the show.

So TONIGHT, don’t miss out as we continue our off-season coverage of the St. Louis Cardinals. As always, we will be live through our friends at BlogTalkRadio.

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Join host Josh McDonald as he dished on all the recent MLB/St. Louis Cardinals news with contributions from Dr. Michael D. Miles, Dan Campbell, and Ryan Eisenauer. If you missed last Tuesday’s show, click here.

While the St. Louis Cardinals and numerous other MLB clubs make announcements of staffing changes, what do we think at Redbird Rants? Tonight should shed light on our beliefs and- if listeners are lucky- our dreams of what is yet to come for the beloved Cardinals.

Here is a little preview of tonight’s episode:

  • Coaching changes around MLB
  • Return of St. Louis Cardinals greats
  • A new pitching coach
  • What’s next?

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Next: Cardinals have a new pitching coach

Make sure to tune in THURSDAY, October 26, for our next episode of the Official Redbird Rants Podcast. Remember, we broadcast our episodes LIVE every Thursday for listeners and readers. Don’t miss out on any of the action tonight!