St. Louis Cardinals: Tommy Pham is the hero St. Louis needs

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, Tommy Pham, continues to roll this season, and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

By the time the St. Louis Cardinals were down 5-0 to the Phillies, in last night’s game, many Cardinals fans threw in the towel. I’ sure the thought was, “there’s no way we are going to win this game.” Fortunately for the St. Louis Cardinals, and the fans, Tommy Pham came to the rescue.

While it certainly felt like the Cardinals had no plans on winning the game, Tommy Pham decided to turn it up a notch. Tommy Pham put on a show defensively and offensively; one that would add to the illustrious history of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Jump into the fourth inning.  The Cardinals we down 5-0 and the Phillies threatened to score more. The Phillies’ Tommy Jospeh singled to left field and Aaron Altherr raced for home. Tommy Pham fielded the ball cleanly and unleashed a bullet to home plate. Pham cut down Altherr, as Yadier Molina applied the tag for the final out of the inning.

The very next inning, Tommy Pham decided to take the offense into his own hands. Considering what Pham did the previous game (2-R HR in the 11th), I’d say he was feeling very comfortable at the plate. Pham launched a 3-2 fastball into center field for a home run.

Pham’s home run kick-started the offense the rest of the game. Slowly the St. Cardinals chipped at the Phillies’ lead. Jedd Gyorko hit a two-run bomb to right to make it 5-3.

Jose Martinez got in on the action with a home run to right as well to make it 5-4. At this point, I’m sure most of the Cardinals fans, who turned the TV off earlier, were back, hoping for a miracle.

After a Yadier Molina fly out, Tommy Pham added another page to his trip to Philly. Pham tied the game with a monster home run to center field.

It left Cardinals fans in a state of euphoria, as Phillies fans drowned the pitcher, Hector Nerris, in boos. Cardinals fans got their miracle.

As if two home runs and an assist weren’t enough, Tommy Pham, once again, made sure the Phillies wouldn’t reclaim the lead for good. With Odubel Herrera on first, Freddy Galvis laced a double down the left field line. The ball ricochet off the wall in short left towards Pham, as Herrera was on his way to third base. By the time Pham picked up the ball, Herrera was just touching third.

As you can guess, the result was the same as it was in the 4th inning. Herrera blew through the third base coach’s sign and was out by a mile. Yet again, Cardinals fans were in a state of euphoria, as Phillies fans drowned their team in boos. It was such a shocking play by Herrera, so much that he was removed from the game. The St. Louis Cardinals went on to win the game in ten innings.

Remember that illustrious history of the St. Louis Cardinals? Tommy Pham became the first St. Louis Cardinals’ player to record two home runs and two outfield assists in the same game. The feat had only been done by thirteen other major league players. I find that extremely impressive, but something else happened after the game. It left me more impressed, and somewhat hopeful.

After the game was over, Fox Sports Midwest’s, Jim Hayes, interviewed Pham about his game. Check out the clip below:

Wow. How can you not be impressed by how Tommy Pham handled that interview? I get he was probably being too hard on himself, but his attitude speaks for himself. Instead of focusing on what he accomplished, he focused on what he didn’t accomplish.

Lately, I have said the St. Louis Cardinals lack urgency. Well, maybe Tommy Pham is the only member of the team that recognizes that fact. If you think he is being too hard on himself, think again. Tommy Pham is the hero St. Louis needs.

Tommy Pham is back in the lineup today. With Fowler out, Pham will be in center field. The Cardinals are going for the sweep today, and they have the right person on the mound. Hopefully Carlos Martinez can continue to pitch well.