St. Louis Cardinals: Dear Aaron Miles Revisited

Feb 18, 2016; Jupiter, FL, USA; A general view of an MLB glove leaning along the practice field at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 18, 2016; Jupiter, FL, USA; A general view of an MLB glove leaning along the practice field at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /

This Redbird Rants co-editor met one of his all-time favorite St. Louis Cardinals player, Aaron Miles, on Tuesday night.  A truly spectacular remembrance of the 2006 World Series team, Miles (the player) signed miniature bobble heads and made my night.

2016 is the ten year anniversary of the 2006 World Series St. Louis Cardinals.  The organization is using special Tuesday night games to highlight remembered players.  Last night was Aaron Miles night and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Some four months ago when I first heard that Aaron Miles, who wore the number 12 and played second base (primarily) for the St. Louis Cardinals, was going to be the highlighted player on Tuesday, August 9, I penned a love letter (of sorts) to the player with whom I share the same last name, wore the same number when I played (long before he broke the majors), and with whom I shared my on-field position.

Every writer dreams that his/her writing is read by the players about whom he/she scribes.  This dream is not often realized.  I must exclude myself from this group of never-had-this-happened as I was informed last night that the one-and-only Aaron Miles had read my March love letter.  What?!

Here’s how that discovery came to me.  The St. Louis Cardinals Aaron Miles event was a special no-additional cost VIP ticket to enter Busch Stadium at 5:15pm.  VIP entrees were sent to the Bud Bar where we were handed a boxed mini-bobble head of Miles and we waited for his arrival.  A short wait in line and then this VIP was across the table from #12 Miles.

Miles was kind and signed my bobble head box and then agreed to have a photo taken by my father.  During the photo, my father shared the deep connection that I have and share with Aaron.  Aaron’s wife was just out of camera view and she, upon hearing this information shared by my father, asked if I had a blog.  When I said yes, she reminded Aaron of the post on REDBIRD RANTS!

It was at this point that Miles looked me straight in the eyes and said, “oh yes, I remember this.  I read the article.  Great piece.  My whole family has read it and we love it.”  I’m going to just let that sit there for a minute.

WOW!  WOW!  Can you tell that I was quite taken aback?

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But wait… it does actually get better.  My father and I hung around and waited for the crowd to dissipate ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals game.  At this point we were able to go stand and talk with Miles, get another set of photographs together with him; this time with all three of us– my father, Miles, and me.

To make this “private” time with him even more special, he asked his wife to take a picture of the three of us with HIS phone.  WHAT?!  He said he wanted a picture with the other Miles’ too.  He again shared how much he liked the article I had written and that they had shared it with his entire family.  I told him to keep reading Redbird Rants as I would write another one and he agreed that he would!

So, here’s a little extra admiration tossed his way.  Aaron Miles owns a 1.00 WHIP in his five pitching performances for the St. Louis Cardinals.  While that is amazing, how about some power from a scrappy player not known for home run power?  Here’s a grand slam that Miles hit in 2008:

Want some more Miles love?  Here is the MLBTR article wherein the St. Louis Cardinals were reunited with Miles in 2010 (and didn’t it feel so good?).  To follow that, this is a link to his 2012 decision to retire after having an outstanding super utility career.

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Dear Aaron Miles, thank you for your hospitality and thank you for the many great memories of your time with the St. Louis Cardinals!  Here’s to hoping you read this post too.  If you do, please follow me on Twitter or leave me a comment on here.