St. Louis Cardinals: Jim Edmonds joining Broadcast Booth


Former St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Jim Edmonds is set to join the Cardinals broadcast booth for about 30 games this season.

Jim Edmonds, who was on the Hall of Fame ballot this past year, has spent the last three seasons as a Cardinals analyst for the pre- and postgame shows on Fox Sports Midwest. The move to join Cardinals televison broadcaster Dan McLaughlin in the booth comes as the iconic Mike Shannon limits his radio broadcast duties to those games at Busch Stadium only.

With Shannon no longer broadcasting on the road, Rick Horton’s TV appearances will drop as he shifts over to join John Rooney on the radio.

“I’m excited because it’s something different,” Edmonds said in a article. “It’s a challenge. I have to figure out how to approach it. I’m just going to try to do the best I can. I’m going to try to bring a different take.” 

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Last season, the former outfielder worked one game as an analyst but he was positioned behind center field.

There are no other changes to the broadcast team. Al Hrabosky and Tim McCarver are set to return as analysts. Edmonds will work a combined 50 games with 20 of those appearances coming as an analyst during the pre- and postgame shows.

“Having played the game at an All-Star level, and at a different position from our other broadcasters, he delivers unique insights,” Jack Donovan, FOX Sports Midwest senior vice president and general manager, said in an article. “We’re excited to add him to our lineup in the booth.”

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In addition to the 30 games during the regular season, Edmonds will be in the booth for five games during Grapefruit League action. He hopes to bring more than one dimension to his analysis of the game. Being a contemporary should also go in his favor as far as the fans are concerned.