St. Louis Cardinals: Spring Training Recap Day Two


Since the majority of St. Louis Cardinals fans can’t be in Jupiter, we are here to bring you up to speed on the days events. Here is Day Two’s events.

It’s official. The St. Louis Cardinals are stretching out their spring training legs in Jupiter. Playing catch and laughing because their record is 0-0 and the pressure hasn’t been stacked on their shoulders just yet. Matt Adams isn’t worrying about his playing time. Jaime Garcia isn’t scared of media questions just yet. Adam Wainwright walking around like Sergeant Big Deal. Matt Holliday maintaining the most solid beard since a certain blogger grew his own a year ago. That doesn’t mean things don’t happen, so here we are and there I go.

Stephen Piscotty as Gym Jedi Trainer to Randal Grichuk?

ESPN reporter/Cardinals beat dude Mark Saxon talked about Randal Grichuk moving closer to being that guy and mentioned that Piscotty is being enlisted by the team to make sure Grichuk doesn’t overdo it in the gym. They can shape the language all they want but it’s basically telling the young man, “We don’t need Hercules. We need an everyday player.” Grichuk isn’t a nice talent who can explode for 30 days anymore. He has to be a big piece in this lineup. In order to starve off the competition and stay hungry, the Birds need players like Grichuk to step up.

Seung Hwan Oh wants a new nickname

Maybe he is trying to endure himself to the new city or just getting tired of being called a buddha but the Korean transplant wants a new nickname from the Cardinals fanbase. Mr. Oh No You Didn’t is my choice but I am sure fans will layer all kinds of pop culture tacky nicks on this new bullpen heat dispenser.

More from St Louis Cardinals News

Matt Holliday can still handle batting practice fireworks…Who Cares?

Ben Hochman says Matt Holliday is still hitting majestic batting practice homers. I’m sorry if I am a downer here but I don’t get excited about a 36 year old slugger cranking 55 mph fastballs into the universe. That was like last August where the Cardinals Twitter account was stuffing Brandon Moss BP sessions down the fans throats and then the game would happen and he would strike out seven times. Holliday is ALWAYS in great shape and is a natural BEAST. So save me the fireworks show updates. Let’s see a few of those bombs in the season. 20 would be nice, Matt.

What else?

*Brayan Pena is going to smile non stop for the entire month. Seriously, though, Pena is a good dude and is responsible for the exodus of Tony Cruz.

Next: Be Patient with Yadier

*Mike Matheny wants Carlos Martinez to be responsible while having fun. How does that come together? Let the young man be. Let him be.

*Yadier Molina probably won’t be ready on opening day. It’s okay people. Chill out.

That’s it. Come back tomorrow for another Spring Training recap. Day three should spice things up a bit.