St. Louis Cardinals: John Mozeliak content with roster


St. Louis Cardinals GM John Mozeliak is ready to roll into 2016 with the hitters on the roster.

What will the St. Louis Cardinals and General Manager John Mozeliak do in the free agent market to shore up an offense that has showed weak shades the past two seasons? That is the hottest question in St. Louis.

The additions of Jedd Gyorko and Brayan Pena were more like depth moves, and not pegs expected to produce an uptick in immediate offense. Talking to the media, Mozeliak seemed to be content with his current options.

When I asked him about the allure of a full season of Randal Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty affecting his search, Mo admitted to wanting to give these guys a shot. “I think without that performance you are in the market, right? You aren’t teased.

Stephen Piscotty’s minor league performance had that perfect natural upward projection. Grichuk had this amazing body and ability so the gamble seemed worth it. If you boil it down to raw talent and upside, they cross over each other. Between Moss, Adams, Carpenter, Grichuk and Piscotty, this team is going to be able to score runs. If we didn’t, we’d be more active.”

The free agent market wasn’t exactly easy for Mo to turn away from, but he feels confident in the organizations ability to pivot midseason if needed. “If you go out and get that proven commodity, it could be because you need it. It could be because you ignore that and give someone else a chance. The one advocate in our minor league system is that if you do your job, we will give you a chance.”

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Chasing down David Price and Jason Heyward was much different than simply going fishing on the market. While the effort fell short, the push wasn’t something Mo regretted. “It was a unique opportunity to try and sign Price. Heyward’s age and the way he fit in with our club aided our pursuit. These were unique situations.”

Mo does feel that Brandon Moss can become a much better player than the one Cardinals fans saw in 2015. “It was a unique opportunity to try and sign Price. Heyward’s age and the way he fit in with our club aided our pursuit. These were unique situations,” regarded Mo about the newly signed Moss.

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The offseason started with a hot pursuit and ended with more stability moves and roster trimming. Now is not the time to measure that method. There’s still 162 games to be played. John Mozeliak seemingly answered my question from last week. He seems content to ride into 2016 with his current offense, risky or not. It hasn’t exactly hurt him before.