St. Louis Cardinals: Alex Reyes humbled by setback


St. Louis Cardinals phenom Alex Reyes carried a new chip on his shoulder as his 50 game suspension lingered.

It’s never easy facing the music after a personal poor decision. St. Louis Cardinals phenom Alex Reyes tested positive for marijuana and released a statement for the media and took some questions.

“I apologize to the organization, my family and friends for testing positive. It was a huge mistake. It’s been tough dealing with it but I look forward to turning the page.”

When asked if the suspension was a setback, Reyes said he would still throw against hitters and work on his pitches while in spring training.

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Reyes appeared sincere in his answers and full of regret for his poor decisions off the field affecting his on the field work.

Alex Reyes will stay ready during his suspension and has been working out in the Dominican Republic this past winter. This came after a great showing in the Arizona Fall League facing higher competition.

The suspension was a wakeup call for young Reyes. “It was tough dealing with the family and organization. It’s something hard to explain.”

Alex Reyes has worked on his curveball this past winter as well as fine tuning his high octane fastball.

When asked if he got any calls from teammates, Reyes said he has received those calls. “A lot of guys reached out and told me I had their support. Told me to keep working.”

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It’s one thing to mess up a career best opportunity. Reyes may have been tapped to start 2015 in the rotation if not for his error in judgement. He will use that as fuel for his future endeavors. Its never easy to step in front of the crowd and take the heat and he did just that.

All Reyes can do now is look ahead and leave the past where it belongs.