St. Louis Cardinals: Marco Gonzales humbled by injury


After missing the majority of 2015 due to injury, St. Louis Cardinals lefty Marco Gonzales is happy to pitch wherever.

Sometimes, young pitchers can take a significant injury and use it as a strength and conditioning tool in itself. That is what young pitcher Marco Gonzales is doing in his third season with the St. Louis Cardinals.

“I had to learn a lot of lessons last year. About how my shoulder works. I hit a big reset button at the end of the season. Now, I’m ready to compete.”

After flashing onto the scene in 2014 and helping out in the playoffs, Gonzales’ 2015 campaign was wrecked early and often by a shoulder injury that derailed the second part of his season.  Gonzales noted how being unable to be with his teammates at the end of 2015 hurt the most.

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Looking into the new season, Gonzales was just happy to be able to throw again. “Being able to throw and only worry about where it’s going is an amazing feeling.”

When pressed on what he is targeting this season, Gonzales said repeatedly that he wants to pitch. It doesn’t matter if it is in the bullpen or rotation. He wants to pitch and contribute.

Gonzales admitted that a healthy serving of “humble pie” helped him in 2015. Often, a young pitcher has to reach back deep when he is faced with a troubling injury like a shoulder issue. This seems to be fuel for Gonzales as 2016 unfolds.

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The young lefty has his sense of humor intact. When asked about what he did to strengthen his shoulder on his honeymoon and the gym inside the resort, his response was priceless. “On my honeymoon?!”

Expect a healthy Marco in 2016. That is a breath of fresh air for him and fans.