St. Louis Cardinals: Brandon Moss promises power in 2016


St. Louis Cardinals’ Brandon Moss can promise fans one thing in St. Louis. Power.

It’s easy to root for guys like Brandon Moss. They are gracious, endearing with their comments, love to talk about their craft and deliver fantastic soundbites on what they can do. The St. Louis Cardinals certainly believe that there is still power left in that bat of his, as well as like the veteran presence he brings to the club.

Talking about his power and ability to hit for it in 2016, Moss knew that he still belonged in the Majors after a troublesome 2015 season. “I bring a lot to the table, and I know where my power plays.”

Power at the plate was referenced at least five times in the media session. Moss almost guarantees it. “If there is one thing I can promise, it’s power. That’s the only thing that’s kept me in the game.”

Moss also used the idea of comfort in assessing his value. “I’m okay with being who I am. When you are confident the at bats come better.”

He didn’t shy away from what he does often, which is strike out and how hard it is to tell the media that good at bats are building blocks inside a season. “I can’t tell media, well I’m having good at bats even though I suck.” Moss was more self-deprecating than any Cardinal yet and that plays well in a baseball town where the identity has more to do with the logo on your chest than the name on your back.

When asked about the Cubs taking players and retooling, Moss was quick to remind the scribes that the Cards are in it every year. “It’s going to be fun. People want to give it to the Cubs but we are going to be pretty good too. We know Lackey and Heyward pretty well so that may be our advantage.”

In his words, Moss hasn’t been the same since injuring his hip and tearing his glute in 2014. He put the blame on an explosive round of squatting for the initial injury and once the glute muscle was torn, his production slipped and he eventually requested an MRI. This season may feature the most healthy version of Brandon Moss yet.

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A healthy Moss can produce 25 home runs, 80 RBI and a slugging percentage others can’t dream of even though we would “be delusional to think” he could hit .290. He is a power guy, then and now.

Brandon Moss may be exactly what the Cards need. Power that plays anywhere.