St. Louis Cardinals: Four Things Learned From World Series

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3. Pressure, Like Greed, Is Good. Pressure Works

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Kansas City Royals pinch runner

Jarrod Dyson

stole second in the 12th inning of World Series game 5. Also not a shocker? He came around to score. Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

How many times have we seen a pinch-runner enter a game and, with everyone knowing the endgame, he steals second base anyway? So it goes with Jarrod Dyson, the Royals’ fleet-footed postseason base stealing specialist for two years running. As soon as Royals skipper Ned Yost put him in there for Salvador Perez in the ninth, you knew he would score. And, after swiping second, he did.

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New York Yankees fans will forever remember Dave Roberts, who stole second on Mariano Rivera and, sure enough, scored the tying run in a do-or-die ALCS Game 4 for Boston.

Then we have the Hosmer play, which on the surface was a base running error since a capable throw would’ve gotten him. But under pressure, Duda airmailed the throw.

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