St. Louis Cardinals: Ron Darling predicts NLCS appearance


With TBS entering their 8th season of Sunday MLB on TBS on July 12, MLB on TBS baseball analyst Ron Darling shared his thoughts on the opening months of the 2015 MLB season.

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“I expect to see St. Louis and Washington play for the chance to represent the NL in the World Series,” Darling said about his favorites to meet in October’s National League Championship Series. “Both teams have weathered injuries so far and can rely on excellent pitching. Their postseason experience will help come October.”

In addition to their non-exclusive Sunday afternoon telecasts, TBS be the exclusive home for the National League Wild Card Game, both National League Division Series and the National League Championship Series.

At the present moment, the St. Louis Cardinals own a 47-24 (.662) record in the National League. Not only is the club’s record the best record in the National League but it’s the best record in Major League Baseball. This is even with all of the injuries to the Cardinals pitching staff, which proves to show just how important it is too have depth in pitching arms.

If the season ended today, the Cardinals would play the winner of the Wild Card Game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs while the Washington Nationals facing the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Please take a moment to think about it for a minute or two: The Cardinals taking on the Cubs for a chance to play in the NLCS. As far as ratings go, the Boston Red Sox currently don’t stand a chance at making the postseason but as things stand right now, the New York Yankees are tied with the Minnesota Twins for the American League Wild Card game. Should the Yankees lose that game, the New York audience will likely follow with them outside of the die-hard baseball fans.