Redbird Rants Interview: Ian Oxnevad


I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing St. Louis Cardinals’ eighth round draftee Ian Oxnevad the other night. The result of that interview was a good conversation about how he has gotten to where he is. Hope you enjoy!

Steven: Why baseball?

Ian: Started at a young age, played tee-ball starting at two years old and have loved it ever since. I played other sports, but baseball has always been the one that I was most consistent with and enjoyed the most. 

Steven: Who was your favorite team growing up?

Ian: Mariners. However, it’s kind of hard to be a Mariners fan. So, a couple of years ago I realized that I could get drafted and I started to look around at other pitchers from other teams and started to get favorite players from other teams.

Steven: What do you and your teammates do in your spare time?

Ian: We go to lunch a lot together before games and try to spend time together to build up team chemistry.

Steven: Who do you model your game after?

Ian: David Price, I try to model his mechanics as much as I possibly can, I really like his slow footwork all the way up into his leg kick and then the ball just jumps out of his hand. He throws hard, 95-96 and he’s a guy I really look up to and a guy I try to model my stuff after. 

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Steven: Who is your favorite MLB player?

Ian: Clayton Kershaw, I like his intensity and how he’s a bulldog out on the mound. I don’t try to model my mechanics after him but I like his mentality about pitching.

Steven: What is the best piece of advice you have gotten about the draft process?

Ian: If it feels right then you should go for it and that during the process you should be patient and if a team likes you then they will take you and you just have to patient and let the process work it’s self through.

Steven: Who or what has prepared you the most for this moment?

Ian: My high school baseball coach, he played at the University of Washington and was drafted by the Atlanta Braves. So, he’s told me numerous stories about draft day and minor league lifestyle as well as telling me how it would be like for me. Nobody could prepare me for this like he has and I owe a lot to him.

Steven: What was it like finding out that you were drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals?

Ian: Words can’t describe it. Getting picked by the best team in baseball couldn’t be any better. Going to the best organization and having been told by so many people that I am going to the best organization in baseball has me really excited. How they develop their players definitely shows at the major league level and I am excited to play for this organization.

Steven: Have you ever been to Busch Stadium for a Cardinals game?

Ian: Have not been for a game, but was there for a workout last Sunday. Amazing city and amazing stadium.

Steven: What are you excited about most in this process?

Ian: Most excited about just getting to work and starting my career. I am ready to show everyone what I can do and start progressing through the minor leagues. I am just ready to show what I can contribute to this organization.

Steven: When you are out on the mound and are preparing for the game what is it that you do to calm you down and help prepare you for the moment?

Ian: What helps me is just staying focused and confident that I am going to be able to get that batter out. If you’re not confident there it’s doubtful you will do anything positive. So, for me confidence is key

Steven: Do you have a nickname?

Ian: I have kind of taken on the nickname of Ox. I am not sure when it started but it has been going on for a while.

I for one am excited in what the Cardinals’ have here in Ian Oxnevad. A great person as well as a potentially good player. Hope he enjoys his time in the Cardinals’ organization.