Could St. Louis Cardinals trade for Cole Hamels?


With Adam Wainwright out for the season, the St. Louis Cardinals might look to a pitcher like Philadelphia Phillies left-handed starting pitcher Cole Hamels to fill the gap in the starting rotation.

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Hamels’ name is one that Cardinals Nation has heard off and on dating back to at least two seasons ago.

When Hamels pitched on Monday night against the Cardinals, general manager John Mozeliak was viewing the action.

"“When a starter goes down teams have one of two places to look, Either external or internal. We’re going to focus on the internal,” the Cardinals GM said. “But we’ll certainly do our due diligence.”"

On the subject of whether the team will look to their farm system in order to seek a trade with the Phillies for Hamels:

"“That’s not for me to answer,” Mozeliak said. “There’s probably always a deal worth making.”"

As for Hamels’ thoughts on being a Cardinals pitcher in the future:

"“I don’t think I’m going to address that, sorry,” said Hamels, when asked his thoughts about the possibility of pitching in St. Louis."

He can’t be blamed for not commenting on his future. He’s focused on pitching for the Phillies.

That’s not to say that Hamels does not enjoy ballgames in St. Louis.

"“Yeah, this is a great stadium,” Hamels said. “It’s pure enjoyment to go out … you know you’re playing a great team every year. Every year I’ve pitched against them they’ve been near the top of the division. It shows with the World Series (wins) they have and, obviously, with all the postseason appearances."

"“You know you’re going to get a good game and the crowd comes. It’s something fun.”"

Hamels is not the first player to praise Busch Stadium and the Cardinals organization. He certainly will not be the last to do so either.