The Promising Outfield


It goes without saying that the Cardinals outfield has been crazy good so far this spring. The biggest name we have heard of so far is the emergence of Tommy Pham but Jason Heyward and Matt Holliday are right there with him. At this point in the spring these three are the starters, and that is much deserved.

Tommy Pham – Today was the first disappointing day Pham has had so far this spring going 0 for 3 at the plate. Pham has reached base 6 times in 14 at bats including a home run and 3 RBI’s. Many things can change depending on when and how Jon Jay returns but as of right now I think Pham should be starting in center. For more on Tommy Pham’s spring you can read Joseph Schneider’s story on it here.

Jason Heyward – Much hype was going on about Jason Heyward and how he would begin his first games in a Cardinal uniform. So far he hasn’t upset as he’s reached base with 4 hits in 9 at bats including 2 RBI’s and has a stolen base to his credit. Again no conclusions can be made this early but it’s nice to see Heyward performing well thus far in the spring.

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Matt Holliday – Matt Holliday has been terrific for contact so far this spring. While he has no RBI’s or home runs to his credit he has 4 hits in just 7 at bats with 2 walks as well. With a 1 for 3 effort today it’s nice to see that he’s consistently making contact with the ball early on and Cardinal fans can only hope for more of the same for him come April.

The outfield for the Cardinals is without a doubt very promising. While Pham likely won’t be starting in center come April he always needs to stay an option. Heyward and Holliday are locks for Opening Day starters as long as they can stay healthy so hopefully their production can continue. It’s fun to see this success so far but it’s early and the production can hopefully continue heading into April.