St. Louis Cardinals Hopes for the Offseason: Trevor Rosenthal


Let’s hope the Trevor Rosenthal got all of the dramatics out of his season during the 2014 season. May 2015 be smooth and dramatic free for Trevor Rosenthal. 

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Curse jars and sensitive ears will rejoice!

You probably won’t believe this, but Rosenthal actually had a pretty good season in 2014. He had 45 saves in 51 opportunities. It was just a little frustrating for fans to watch. He had a 3.20 ERA with 87 strikeouts but 42 walks. He game up 25 earned runs, 2 homers but it was in 70.1 innings.


Like closers of the past in Jason Isringhausen, Ryan Franklin and Jason Motte, Rosenthal had the typical condition amongst Cardinal closers where they just have this insistence on making things entirely too interesting. But, ultimately, they get things done. This doesn’t happen unless the bases are loaded and they are down in the count. And fans across Cardinal Nation have thrown their remote control across the room, scaring their puppy, cat or toddler.

Yes. Very frustrating. … Closing pitchers, I tell you.

You know Trevor means well. Heck, Fox Sports Midwest broadcaster Al Hrabosky will be the first to tell you that Trevor would be the first to tell you Trevor doesn’t get his jollies by making things exciting in the ninth inning.

So, here are my hopes for Trevor’s offseason.

* Let’s get him to go on an obstacle course to get his sense of adventure worked out. Get all that adventuresome aggression out. Now.

* Maybe listen to Yadier Molina some. Trevor and Yadier should have a buddy weekend. They need to trust each other. Things go well for Trevor when he listens to Yadi. And I’m sure Yadi gets so frustrated with him that he can’t even. Buddy weekend.

* May your saves and save opportunities be higher and closer together. I really don’t think this is much to ask for after seeing his numbers this season. Just get all of that excitement out and pitch.

* Yoga. Channel your inner pitcher.

* Hypnotherapy. Hypnotize the bad pitcher out of your aura.