St. Louis Cardinals Hopes for the Offseason: Adam Wainwright


My hope for Adam Wainwright this offseason is that this one will be his last to not have a Cy Young award on his mantle. 

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It will be rough. Waino is coming off offseason surgery and an extremely rough 2014 season, in which he had a top-3 finish for the Cy Young Award. And then there is Clayton Kershaw who has won the award a couple of times.

That said, it’s Waino’s time. And I hope he finally gets the job done. A Cy Young award winning season. The only thing(s) that would top that for Waino would be something else we’d love for him. A no-hitter? A perfect game? A World Series perfect game … to win the series … in St. Louis? Yes. Please!

Yes. My hopes for Adam Wainwright are high. He is my favorite pitcher. He’s an amazing pitcher. An amazing person. I want to see him do and have the best. Waino being muy bueno is my high hope for his offseason. What else do I hope for Adam? Let’s see!

* That he has no hiccups from his offseason arthroscopic surgery on his elbow. It was frustrating to hear all season that he was fine. That he had a dead arm. All of the usual press when it comes to an ailing pitcher on the Cardinals staff. It was kind of a relief in a way though. There was something wrong that a surgery could fix and that the doctors feel it went well. Waino, of course, says he feels great and is ready to go this Spring. Well. Let’s hope that is really the case and he can go full strength. Full strength, by the way means, a fast fast ball and a sweet curve with a 12-to-6 drop. That health Waino swagger in full effect.

See? I’m not asking much of Waino. Just exactly what he’s capable of … that’s all we want for our ace!