St. Louis Cardinals Hope for the Offseason: Mark Reynolds


My main hope for Mark Reynolds offseason is that he plays much better than where my expectations have him.

You see, I went to Brooks Baseball to do a little research on Reynolds. Here’s a couple of things I found.

The good news is that he can hit the ball anywhere. He can beat the shift which will be beneficial as he is projected as Matt Adams, who was often a victim of the shift, back-up. And, he can get hits when the ball is low and inside. He had 22 homers, nine doubles and 45 RBI. So, when he gets hits it will be interesting. But, as you can see in the top image, he hits into a lot of outs. And? He had 122 strikeouts last season with the Milwaukee Brewers.

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There were a few free agent options that possibly could have filled the need for a back-up outfielder/first baseman. Mark Reynolds is who John Mozeliak wanted and got. It’s easy to see why he was picked. When he gets hits, he gets hits. But … those strikeouts! So, in Mo we must trust, right?

Reynolds has a one-year contract worth $2 million. If he does great that’s awesome and he will be rewarded. If not, lesson learned. Xavier Scruggs wants a chance to be with the big league team.

So. Here’s what I hope for Mark Reynolds.

* Work on some hand eye coordination exercises. Keeping his eye on the ball and making good contact. Everytime. None of this streaky mess.

* Be a back-up worth starting occasionally.  I think we all remember some back-ups not worthy of starting. The kind that make your eye twitch and wonder what universe you’re in. Not a pretty place. Well. Let’s hope that Reynolds is the exact opposite. That he can be entrusted with a start here and there and you won’t be left screaming at your computer screen or twitter wondering what Manager Mike and Mo are thinking.

* Be such a great player and teammate, the St. Louis Cardinal fanbase will want you back for more.