Vegas Odds: St. Louis Cardinals same as…Chicago Cubs???


The Las Vegas Odds for winning the World Series next year have the St. Louis Cardinals same as the Chicago Cubs, at 12 to 1.

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Yes, I realize The Cubs hired Joe Maddon, signed Jon Lester, and have Theo Epstein in charge.

I also know that the Cubs are loaded with young talent, including Anthony Rizzo, a sleeper MVP candidate.

I also know that this is year one for their new manager and ace. Teams don’t often succeed that quickly under a new manager.

And the Cards have made four (!) straight National League Championship Series’, doesn’t that count for anything?

Ranked above us in those vegas odds are the Dodgers, which until Clayton Kershaw proves he can beat us in the playoffs, seems odd. I do think the Dodgers will make the playoffs as the NL West division winner. I just don’t think they’ll make the Series, let alone win it.

I think people are overreacting to the splashes both teams made in the off-season. Yes the Dodgers shed some weight, improved the clubhouse chemistry and upgraded at several key positions. But until they prove themselves in the playoffs, 6 to 1 odds seem too high. Never bet on the obvious candidate, after all.

Speaking of obvious candidates: The other team with six to one odds are the Nationals. With the recent signing of Max Scherzer, they possess a super rotation, and have a solid offense. Still, this is another team that needs to prove itself in the playoffs before odds like that can be justified.

World Series’ aren’t won in the off-season folks. And while we didn’t make as many splashy moves as the teams above, we did improve at a key position (right field) replaced Pat Neshek with another solid releiver in Jordan Walden.

We may not have Washington’s rotation, the Dodgers’ checkbook or Joe Maddon, but what we have is playoff success. With four NLCS appearances in a row, including two World Series appearances and one championship, to paraphrase Billy Beane “our **** works in the playoffs”. Those Vegas odds should account for that. Heck, Vegas has the Giants at 18 to 1, which also seems low for a defending champion, even if they did lose Pablo Sandoval and some other peices. Never bet against Bruce Bochy.

Just something to think about, all you gamblers out there.