Adam Wainwright, Michael Wacha look for 100 percent health in 2015


St. Louis Cardinals starting pitchers Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha are looking forward to a healthy season in 2015.

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Wacha’s season was shortened by stress reaction in his right shoulder. This led to Wacha seeing a lower workload of some 107 innings in 2014.

“[I’m] getting some good results in those scans and everything, and my arm feels great,” Wacha said according to “Hopefully I’ll just keep building up the muscles around my shoulder, and hopefully I can stay healthy.”

Wacha hasn’t lost his sense of humor about the whole ordeal. Talking to the media during Winter Warm-Up, the pitcher joked that he will “probably start glowing now if I don’t stop getting those X-rays.”

Wacha was pitching for the Cardinals when Travis Ishikawa hit a home run to send the San Francisco Giants into their third World Series in five years.

Winter Warm-Up provided Wainwright an opportunity to open up on his health issues during the 2014 season.

“The story [my wife] tells is I was holding a Sprite can on the plane and I went to open it and I had to kind of grab it sideways because I couldn’t support the weight of a Sprite can,” Wainwright said according to “Jars were not happening either because anything that required my arm twisting wouldn’t work. I had to hand it to my wife.”

Wainwright dealt with a hyperextended right knee, forearm soreness, and elbow discomfort during the 2014 season. Wainwright’s reliance on his cutters and curveballs came as a result of having trouble throwing the ball. For example, the Georgian native wasn’t able to execute the pitch against Yasiel Puig during the 2014 National League Division Series and hit the outfielder.

Will Wainwright’s health issues lead to a lower workload during the 2015 season? It’s something that the Cardinals could possibly explore.