St. Louis Cardinals Hopes for the Offseason: Pete Kozma


Every offseason seems to be a big one for Pete Kozma. Because you never really know what to expect from the little utility infielder. 

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Pete spent a lot of time in Memphis this season with the AAA affiliate Memphis Redbirds. He did great there but was promoted to St. Louis in September where he spent a lot of time on the bench.

Kozma had a wonderful 2012 Postseason. And for that? Pete Kozma will always be loved by St. Louis Cardinals fans. He is very scrappy. He plays hard at shortstop and at second base. He can’t hit very well. But when he does hit, it’s always exciting to watch. He grinds it out. He tries super hard. What’s not to love about him?

Well. Maybe that part of him occupying a roster spot ahead of someone who may be more deserving.

If there is one thing St. Louis Cardinals fans hate, it’s a guy that’s taking a roster spot from someone more deserving. I tease. I tease!

So. Let’s talk about my hopes for Pete’s offseason.

* That He Gets Used To Be Involved In Trade Talks. Because that’s seriously going to happen a lot over the next few months. He was mentioned as a target of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim earlier this offseason. I’m sure he’s still being considered. I’m sure other teams are knocking on the tires about the scrappy infielder. He would be a good utility bench guy. Heck. In some teams he could even earn a starting spot. I hear the Oakland A’s are retooling their team…

* Invest in a good car to allow for speedy travel between Memphis and St. Louis!

* Invest in some good pillows for your stays in St. Louis.

* Have fun with the big team when you get to be with them. We know you love playing in St. Louis. We would love to see you more. Have fun and play well and maybe we will see more of you.

* Did I mention get comfortable being the subject of lots of trade rumors? Yeah. I’d get used to that more than anything.