St. Louis Cardinals Hopes For The Offseason: Matt Holliday


Matt Holliday. He just needs to be more clutch!

Yeah, what a joke! Holliday is the very definition of clutch for the St. Louis Cardinals. A lot of fans give him grief. But really think about what all he’s done for this team and you might want to reconsider your hate!

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During the 2014 season, he had a line of .272/.370/.441. In 156 games, Holliday had 37 doubles, 20 homers, 90 RBI and four stolen basis. During the postseason, Holliday had a line of .243/.263/.351. In nine games, he had nine hits. He had a double, a homer and three RBI.

Looks pretty clutch to me. I’m not sure what some fans want from Holliday! We’ll probably never know!

Here’s my hopes for Holliday’s offseason.

* Work Out A Little Why Don’t Ya? … Yeah, OK. Another joke. Matt Holliday is freaking ripped. He has an amazing workout regime. Let’s hope he’s stuck with that and only gotten better this off season.

* Yoga. He’s always having back issues. Yoga helps with those muscle issues.

* Continue your silent leadership of the team. The younger guys will need you this season. There will be a huge hole in the hearts of some of your teammates who lost a close friend in Oscar Taveras.

* Keeping working on fielding. You play a great left field. But! There’s always room for improvements. You know? Avoiding bright stadium lights in Los Angeles. Moths hanging out in the outfield. Any number of weird accidents that always seem to be drawn like a magnet to a refrigerator to you. Yeah. Let’s cut that out buddy!

* Most importantly? Keep being clutch. Holliday is the best at stepping up for his teammates when they need him the most. He does his best to get a base hit, to move someone around the bases, stealing a base, making a diving catch in the outfield. The guy is amazing. A beast, even. Keep it up, Matty Ho!