St. Louis Cardinals Hopes for the Offseason: Lance Lynn


I have been anticipating that Lance Lynn will have the offseason!

Specifically? I’ve been hoping that he will make bank and sign a long-term deal with the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Lynn has a career record of 49-28 with an ERA of 3.46. He has 599 career strike outs, including 181 during the 2014 season. Those numbers? Those are excellent numbers. In fact. At some points during the 2014 season, would you have guessed those are Lance Lynn numbers? I doubt it!

Lance dealt with many an issue that he seemed to over come at some points during the season. He started out having what became known as the “Lynning.” During games, Lynn would be going along pitching amazing. And then … out of the blue almost … Lance would seemingly blow up and pitch like a 5 year old mad at someone on the playground. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

He had some muscle issues as well. And, while he’d lost a tremendous amount of weight during the offseason, he looked like he may have gained some of it back and that was affecting him. Not the best combo. Obviously something a good offseason could cure. So let’s talk about my hopes for Lance’s offseason.

* Work some more with that team nutritionist. He seriously helped. I hope he’s still working with you!

* Implement Yoga and lots of Cardio in your routine. Yoga will help with those muscles. Yoga will also help you with those anger issues. Cardio will help everything.

* No more Lynnings, sir. It seemed to stop mid season. But I don’t want to see it at all next season or in the future. No more blow ups. I understand that you think getting angry helps your edge. But it’s scary and sometimes you don’t control it too well. I think doing Yoga will help tremendously. Keep having fun. That will help your edge.

* Get ready to sign a nice contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. I really think that happens before the season begins. I think Lance has proven himself to be a wonderfully unexpected asset as a starter for this team. He deserves to be rewarded for it.