Unscientifically Scientific: The Middle Infield Situation


I took to CastApp again to see what some of Cardinal Nation thinks about an issue that has me all perplexed! Are the St. Louis Cardinals planning a change for the middle infield?

Will Kolten Wong and Jhonny Peralta be the middle infield combo for the 2015 season?

What is John Mozeliak up to kicking the tires on middle infielders like Asdrubal Cabrera and Jung-Ho Kang?

Ok, so I just asked one question! That question:

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"Likelihood that Kolten Wong and Jhonny Peralta will be the St. Louis Cardinals middle infielders. Why/Why Not?"

Respondents answered how the felt about the likelihood in the form of stars. They had five stars to choose from, the more the stars, the higher the likelihood.

I had 53 people respond to the question on the app. The average response? 4.6 stars.

Four users responded, but I’ll only share three with you.

"Don’t see why it would change. (5 Stars) — @JohnnyOrrWhy change? It’s been the plan all along. (5 Stars) @Jim ScherretzBoth exceeded expectations last year, IMO. (5 Stars) @RileySwinford"

I agree with Riley very much. Jhonny Peralta did way better than I ever anticipated he would. He hit well and was a good defender. He was a bit streaky at times during the seasons. But he was more often better than streaky and that was great to see. I think a lot of folks expected him to be a bust. And he wasn’t! As for Kolten, you saw moments of his youth during the season. So much so that he was sent to the Triple-A Memphis Redbirds to work things out. But there were times he stepped up big when his team needed him. (See game winning homers in the last weeks of the season and during the postseason. And all the great glove work.)

I could see someone like Pete Kozma or Greg Garcia or Dean Anna or Ty Kelly spelling one or both of the two. I just really don’t see the Cardinals making a splash for another middle infielder. I remain curious, though, why Mo was looking into Cabrera and Kung.

I’d rather Mo look for another pitcher. James Shields and Max Scherzer are still available.