Unscientifically Scientific: Mark Reynolds with the St. Louis Cardinals


So if you checked out this story last week, you’ll know I wasn’t too thrilled with the prospects of the St. Louis Cardinals signing Ty Wigginton Jr … err… Mark Reynolds.

But. It happened. The Cardinals signed Reynolds on Thursday.

Le sigh!

So I took to Baseball-Reference to see the numbers. They aren’t great. They aren’t … horrible. He can hit. But he can also strike out. Lots of homers and lots of RBI. It’s an one year option to back up Matt Adams as well as an option off the bench.

Le sigh, y’all! Le sigh!

So I, of course, took to CastApp!

My question?

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"Mark Reynolds is a St. Louis Cardinal! Love it? Hate it? Why?"

Answer possibilities:

"Love it!Hate it. Meh."


"Love it! – 18%Hate it. – 0%Meh. – 82%"

Yeah… I pretty much agree with this wholeheartedly!

I had a few commenters too. Let’s take a look at what some others thought about this signing.

"Can’t go wrong with a 1 year deal. – @JohnnyOrr (Answered: Love it!) 1 yr/ $2 million is so low risk, you have to go for it… even if he gets 300AB, I’ll take a .225 BA with 15 HR & be a legit power threat off the bench. – @Delwelqy Drew W. Elwell (Answered: Meh.) I think it’s a move he could’ve waited till ST to see what he has “in house” to chose from. I’m told STL will love him. – @Jimmy Scherretz (Answered: Meh.) Nice to have a RHH power threat option off the bench late. I know, lots of Ks, but he can crush mistakes. Wouldn’t say I “love” it, though. – @Dathan Brooks. (Answered: Meh.)"

Yeah, pretty much agree with Dathan on this one.

I’m going to give Reynolds a chance because he is on my favorite team. I look forward to seeing what he can do. If he will be what we are hoping he can be. The big bat off the bench. The guy that can give Matt Adams a rest.

In Mo We Trust, right?!