John Mozeliak not worried by National League Central foes


St. Louis Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak is not worried by National League Central foes after the 2014 Baseball Winter Meetings in San Diego.

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VIDEO: Mozeliak on all things Cardinals

The Chicago Cubs made a lot of noise over the last week including the acquisition of starting pitcher Jon Lester. As the Cardinals go, despite the talent that the Cubs have, the Cards and their fans should not be worried about anything. Mozeliak said so himself.

"“As an outsider looking in, they certainly have their foot on the pedal,” general manager John Mozeliak said of the Cubs on Wednesday evening. “Obviously, when you watched their club play this year, they were trending upwards. And obviously some of their offseason moves have made them stronger. But one of the things we try to focus on is our own club and not really worry about what our competitors are doing. The Central division has gotten stronger.”"

One of the signs that the rivalry between the two teams is back on the rise was ESPN selecting the Cardinals-Cubs game for Opening Night of the 2015 baseball season, likely a matchup between Adam Wainwright and Lester. If that’s not a positive sign, who knows what is.

Mozeliak was not alone when it came to the Central Division chatter.

"“I don’t see anybody in the Central going anywhere except getting better,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. “You’re watching every team commit to trying to push the needle forward and teams you’ve expected in the past have been good, and we’ll watch some teams who maybe have been overlooked. There are going to be more in that mix.”"