Scientifically Unscientific: Jason Heyward Deal


Let’s get all Scientifically Unscientific again! I took to CastApp again this week to pose an important question to some members of Cardinal Nation!

Here’s the question:

"After a couple of weeks to mull it, Jason Heyward for Shelby Miller. Love it or Hate it?"

The answer choices:

"– Love it! Heyward = Awesome!– Shelby will be a HOFer. Hate it. – This is all Matheny’s fault– Meh. But, in Mo we trust."

And the results?

"– Love it! Heyward = Awesome!  — 63%– Shelby will be a HOFer. Hate it. — 2%– This is all Matheny’s fault — 0%– Meh. But, in Mo we trust.  — 35%"

I did get one comment.

"“Hated to see Shelby go but obviously the circumstances changed.” — Tim Elrod (@telrod87)"

My Thoughts?

I agree with the results. It’s hard not to like this deal for the Cardinals. A potential monster at the plate. A plus defender. An All-Star. A Gold

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Glover. Yeah. What’s not to love! Shelby had so much potential. He was finally opening up to accept coaching and develop a secondary pitch. I was looking forward to see how he did with a full season with the new pitch. It will be interesting to watch still even though he’ll be in a different jersey.

Cardinal Nation can be a super skeptical bunch so I can understand the need for some to wholeheartedly feel the “Meh. But, in Mo we trust” option. This is definitely the answer for the people who love the what if game. What if Heyward doesn’t find his swing? What if he doesn’t re-sign? What if Walden gets a case of the Mitchell Boggs or Ryan Franklin? Tyrell Jenkins, though y’all!  What if Shelby has a Cy-Young-Caliber season. … See? The What-If game can be ridiculous. You really shouldn’t have think baseball. It’s a great game meant to watch with some relaxation. It’s serious business but there are more important things!

And the this is all Matheny’s fault was meant for the trolls. I was hoping to see one or two click on it. But to my happy surprise, no one did it. People did very well!

I do hope Heyward has a great season. People who get traded to the St. Louis Cardinals love it. There is something about putting on that jersey with the Birds on the Bat that revives a career. Hopefully, that’s what happens